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December 6, 2017 / San Francisco, CA

Announcing the inaugural Recode 100

Who really won 2017? It’s tempting to declare all of us as equally productive during this bizarre time of refreshing Twitter and wincing, but at Recode, we have been watching the tech and business worlds all year and taking notes.

We’re announcing a new project: The inaugural Recode 100, our attempt to identify and celebrate the people in tech and business who actually made the biggest impact this year.

You say you hate lists? We also know that you love reading lists. So we are making you a very good list. The best list.

To be clear: The Recode 100, is not your typical “power ranking,” where a few editors sit around a conference room table, stroking their chins and trying to remember who they had lunch with this year.

The Recode 100 is different because we are selecting the winners with the assistance of a group that actually knows what they’re talking about — your peers.

That’s the Recode 100 Advisory Team, which will help vet your submissions and rank the winners. Our 20-person inaugural committee includes Troy Carter, the legendary talent manager and founder of Atom Factory; Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code; Andy Rubin, the founder of Essential and creator of Android; and Megan Quinn, a partner at Spark Capital.

Our goal is to find the people who kicked the most ass in 2017 — the leaders, movement starters, engineers, negotiators and creatives who have been the most productive and innovative in the industries we cover — primarily tech, media and commerce, but also some of our new focus areas, like transportation, policy and robotics.

If we’re successful, the Recode 100 will seem equally obvious and surprising. You’ll know many of the names. And many you won’t. One of them might be your boss. You should be proud of them.

We’ll celebrate the winners at the inaugural Recode 100 celebration on Dec. 6 in San Francisco. It will be a blast. More details to follow.


  • Recode 100 Advisory Team Reviews Nominations: October 16-December 5, 2017
  • Recode 100 Inductees Announced and Celebration: December 6, 2017

The Recode 100 Celebration

On December 6 in San Francisco, we’ll gather the Recode 100 inductees, their guests, the Recode 100 Advisory Team, Recode journalists and other notable leaders from across the country for a party that recognizes the people on the list, their family and friends, and their work, including the trends and themes that will emerge from the list.

Premier Partners

  • Ericsson  is the driving force behind the  networked society. Our status as a world leader in communications technology and services allows people, business and society to grow, transform and create a more sustainable future.

    Our services, software and infrastructure — especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud — are enabling more and more industries to improve user experience and capture new opportunities.

    Our networks connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers and carry more than 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic. With more than 35,000 granted patents, we have one of the industry’s strongest intellectual property rights portfolios, which ensures that our customers stay in front.


  • Intel is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of essential products and technologies that power the cloud and an increasingly smart, connected world. Intel delivers computer, networking and communications platforms. We are expanding the boundaries of technology through our relentless pursuit of Moore’s law and computing breakthroughs that make amazing experiences possible.


  • PwC Digital Services is a community of makers around the world who help clients break down silos, unearth new value and make tomorrow.

    We transform business outcomes and results, whether we are designing unique customer experiences that can help companies regain their competitive edge or deploying new digital assets to increase efficiencies in the supply chain.

    Our 200,000+ business builders, experience designers, data scientists and technologists work at  the intersection of business, experience and technology (BXT), which combines the best of PwC in a way that’s faster, more agile and more accountable for our clients, from ideas to results.


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